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Simon&Garfunkel: The Sound Of Silence

Salve, nox, me'amica;
Redi'ut rursum te loquar.
Somnio visio me turbavit.
Et tamen anima non quiescit.
Quod haec visio qui somnio vidit
Manet iam
Silentio sonante.
Inquieta, sole erro
Viis angustis sordidis.
Algor et umida, lacernam
Comprehendo atque corrigo
Me'oculi uruntur tunc luce.
Nox finditur,
Silentio sonante.
Proditi luce, homines
Conspicui ant'oculos
Qui sine verbis loquuntur.
Non intellegentes, audiunt.
Et carmina scribunt; nunquam canunt.
Omnes pavunt
Silentio sonante.
Tum clamo eis his verbis:
"Nonne vos scitis aegrotas?
Audi me; valescatis ergo!
Tange m'intelligatis ergo!
Dum loquar, periunt mea verba,
Silentio sonante.
Homines luc'adorant,
Etsi inclementer lucit.
Et dum specto, subito scio
Monitum ad populum ferre.
Quod fatidica verba Sabura
Scriperunt iam,
Silentio sonante.

Hello, darkness, my friend;
I've come to talk with you again.
A vision disturbed me in my sleep
And my soul is still unquiet.
For this sight I saw in sleep
Still remains
In the resounding silence.
Restless and alone, I wandered
Narrow, dirty streets.
Cold and wet, I clutched
My cloak to me, and straightened it.
My eyes were burned by a light
The darkness was cloven
By the resounding silence.
People, betrayed by the light,
I saw plainly before my eyes
Who spoke without words.
They listened without understanding,
And they wrote songs, but never sang.
They all were scared
Of the resounding silence.
Then I cried these words to them:
"Don't you know that you are sick?
Hear me, and you will be well!
Touch me, and you will understand!
Even as I spoke, my words died
In the resounding silence.
The people worshipped the light,
Although it shone mercilessly.
And as I watched, I suddenly knew
A warning to take to my countrymen.
For prophetic words
Have already been scrawled in the Sabura,
In the resounding silence.


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